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Sunny Govan aims to create a community that is creative, inclusive, and speaking with its own voice, where people are educated and equipped to take on challenges, participate in opportunities, and achieve their own potential.


Sunny Govan’s mission is to create a safe, welcoming and supportive space where people facing marginalisation, barriers to participation in the community or structural inequality can nurture their skills and talent and start to realise their potential. Sunny Govan will do this through, Community Media, Education and Training and an inclusive open-door policy.

This space provides a platform for expression, encourages dialogue, and facilitates

people to inform and influence one another and the wider community.



  • Inclusivity - Ensuring anyone who wants to, can participate.  This means being aware and considerate of the emotional, cultural and physical barriers that some people experience and actively setting about dismantling those barriers.

  • Diversity - Recognising that difference is a positive thing and that diversity does not just mean ethnicity, gender, age or disability.

  • Trust - Building trust with our partners and those who use our services is essential for even greater results. We do our utmost to do what have said we will do and within the timetable agreed.

  • Transparency - Being honest and open about our strengths and our weaknesses, our policies, our culture and our direction.

  • Active Participation - Services work best when they are delivered and owned by the people who use them. We “do with” rather than “do to”. That’s why we continue to attract over 40 volunteers from the local community.

  • The worth of the volunteers - We value the people who are giving back to the voluntary sector and the community, recognising that each volunteer has a valuable contribution to make in their own right.


  • Caring and empowering - it’s people we’re dealing with, their progression, not just bums on seats.  We see the person and want them to realize their potential

  • Community Development - We continually work to the CLD Standards of Community Development The CLD Standards Council is the professional body for people who work or volunteer in Community Development


  • Rights based – feminist, anti-racist and non-discriminatory.


  • Entrepreneurial -  we encourage people to go out there and seize opportunities, to put a value on their own skills, to be their own boss, to take our model and put it into their community.

  • Care for the environment – We Aim to build awareness and encourage action to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and take steps to reduce pollution, especially CO2.


Sunny Govan Vision, Mission, Values

Saturday 6th March 2021 – Sunny Govan Board Strategy session

Aims and Objectives: About Us
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