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Sunny G Team

Headshot 7b Susan Sutton Actor Glasgow 2_edited.jpg

Susan Sutton Show

Tuesdays at 1 PM

A show about real people, for real people.

Guests on the show chat about their real lives. What they are currently, or have been, living with. Letting listeners know that they’re not alone and where they can find information, help & support.

Shows are usually themed with music reflecting topics of conversation, plus requests and guests’ music. 
I’m also a volunteer befriender with GAMH (Glasgow Association for Mental Health). And I love learning. About everything and anything! 
Presenting #TalkSusan since December 2019


DJ Pete's Electric Chair

Alternate Thursdays

at 5 PM

An hour of electronica, Prince and the odd random tune here and there, DJ Pete’s Electric Chair is a fortnightly dose of eclectic soundscapes to settle you into the weekend.


A keen music lover, DJ Pete has been involved with Sunny G since late 2019 having completed a radio production and broadcasting course at the station. For a time he was a co-presenter on Let’s Flourish, a show about mental health made by members of the mental health clubhouse Flourish House based in Glasgow (DJ Pete is himself a member).


Inspiration Hour

Saturdays at 12 PM

A 2-hour journey through a carefully-chosen selection of uplifting audio clips, music & chat around the broad theme of Personal Development & Growth - all geared to help energise and release our souls in these challenging times.


Public Address

Sundays at 8 PM

Thom produces and presents a weekly programme of informative chat and a wide, discerning range of contemporary music.

Occasionally Public Address turns the spotlight on a specific artist or genre with dedicated info and music on the subject. Thom is a graphic artist and proprietor of Screenstage Studios which offers a diverse range of creative drama productions in audio, visual and theatre work, A huge music enthusiast, he has been involved in music production and presentation for many years, covering DJ work in mobile events, club and radio.


Roots with Shola McAfro

Fridays at 6 PM

Bringing you spicy beats from around the globe, Roots is bound to add some extra flavour to your Friday night. Two hours of pure flavour, with genres from kuduro to soca, favella funk to afrohouse and featuring hiphop from all over the world. I, Shola McAfro, have made it my personal mission to get your heads bopping and waists wukking and whining.

I joined the Sunny G family in Summer 2017 and that's truly what it is, a family. Shortly after joining, I had my first child and the team welcomed her with open arms and were incredibly accommodating. Don't know many stations that would allow a baby into the studio!


Patchwork with Louis Rive

Thursdays at 6 PM

Patchwork with Louis Rive is a show featuring new music with a narrative.


Drawing on storytelling tradition through rock, folk, hip-hop, punk, bagpipe music, yodelling and everything in between, Patchwork looks to feature new artists from Glesga and beyond while firing in a few throwbacks to keep tying together stories old and new. Expect 'Book of the Week' and  music in non-English languages too!


Always looking for new music so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Delaina crop_edited.jpg

Beats & Breaks

First Wednesdays

at 8 PM

Beats & Breaks brings you two hours of hand picked, head nodding hip hop! Mixing classic 80s and 90s tracks from her youth with distinct sounds from Scotland's amazing hip hop artists, Delaina makes sure that there's something for long-time hip hop heads and new listeners.

She is also a champion for women working in hip hop and to help balance out the current inequality of UK radio air time, Delaina makes sure that each week she programmes a gender-balanced track list.

Ro's first show 18 Feb 22.jpg

Taste The Bass


Listen up, D&B crew! Ro on the airwaves bringing you the banging drum and bass tunes.

Ro has worked with rap and drum and bass since she was young. All over the UK, events, management and is now a Hip Hop student at the Academy of Music and Sound. Loving you with
Sunny G and bass in your face. Welcome to the show Taste The Bass!

Sunny_G_logo (no background).png

Totally Wired

2nd & 4th Wednesdays

at 7 PM

More details coming soon!


Live In The Morning

Mondays at 10 AM

Steg G bringing you 2 hours of top chat and top tunes to start your week off right.

Let's Flourish.gif

Let's Flourish

Last Monday every

month at 2 PM

Let's Flourish is a monthly show produced and hosted by members of Flourish House. 

Through a mixture of interviews, topical discussions, light-hearted chat and some of our favourite uplifting music we hope to share the unique experiences of those involved in Flourish House and show a snapshot of our community to our listeners. 

Flourish House is a mental health charity, based on the internationally recognised Clubhouse Model, and is the only organisation of its kind in Scotland.

JT 24 Nov 2022.jpg

Unofficial Merchansise

every other Wednesday

at 5 PM

Unofficial Merchandise is a journey from folk to footwork, ambient to amapiano, gospel to garage and everything in between. Each week we explore music from around the world, listen to cross-continental collaborations, as well as previewing and reviewing musicians bringing their live show to sunny Glasgow.

Yves 01 Dec 2022_edited.jpg

Melting Pot

Thursdays at 11 AM

More details soon!

DJ DC_edited.jpg

DC and The Weekend Warmup

Fridays at 8 PM

DJ DC brings you a mix of community updates and tunes to get your Friday night going! 

The Weekend Warm Up has everything from happy hardcore to new release house tunes. No two weeks are the same and we always want to put the tunes that you want on to get buzzing for the weekend to come – so make sure you message in with your requests and we’ll get it on! No tune too cheesy or wild!

Graham, Matthew & Leah 12 Oct 22.jpg

Ladybird, The Raveward & Leah

Wednesdays at 11 AM

Anything could happen when these legends are behind the desk, but you can bet on top chat and some top tunes.



Wednesdays at 10 AM

Bringing you the very best of classic 90s and 00s dance tracks!

Stuart Cambell.jpg

Go With The Flow

Saturdays at 10 AM

I suffered from serious mental health problems for years and never in a million years did I think I'd be where I am now. I want to thank everyone who enjoys my shows and I promise I will try and improve them best i can.


I play rock, pop, indie, EDM and mostly 2000- current. It was all current new releases at one point but i felt the classics need some air time too (sorry guys)! I still play loads of new music though.


The show is constantly developing and I love having musicians on to chat about their life and their music.



Tuesdays at 4 PM

A spontaneous drivetime show that disn’y take itself too seriously, we jist batter intae the tunes. 

Listener turned presenter and proud tae be part of the Sunny G team. HAMETIME loves showcasing new/auld local music. As a regular gig goer, ye’ll hear bands that come tae Glesga that ye might never heard before but ye’ll love (honest)! Some chilled oot classics as well as some cracking requests fae the listeners and whitever pops intae ma heid at the time. If yer in the motor, the hoose or oan yer phone, tune in fur some breeenging local squishy ye kin shake yer toosh tae. 

SunnyG 1 copy.jpg

Daffy's Discs

Returning soon!

Presented by Stephen Dahill, aka Daffy.  My first love is New Wave, but hey, I like Abba, I like Zappa. And a lot of stuff in between. 
I’m bit of a mix-and-match music enthusiast and I find the musical enthusiasm of others is energising, so I sometimes disappear down musical rabbit holes, chasing side-projects, solo work and forgotten connections of bands I like. My twitter handle is @Daftones1


That Vegan Show

Returning soon!

We talk about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, the moral implications of exploiting humans and non-humans and the environmental devastation brought by unconscious consumerism & an unequal power structure. That's some heavy topics so we try our best to do this in a fun and relatable way!


We want to live in a society of equality, sustainability and health for ALL. We speak to health professionals, activists, writers, musicians, film makers and local people who's work is in empowering the local community and beyond.

Rachael website photo_edited.jpg

The Naughties Show

returning soon!

The Naughtie Radio show is all about the biggest hits from 2000 all the way up to 2010! Presenter Rachael takes you back to a time where the Nokia mobile was all the rage and Tiktok was just a song by Kesha! Relax and tune in, as we bring you the best chat and catchiest tunes since the turn of the millennium!

Daniella website pic.PNG

Decades With Daniella

Tuesdays at 6 PM

Join me as we travel through the ‘Decades with Daniella’ every Tuesday from 6-7.

A new week, a new year will it be 2001? 1977? 1984? You’ll need to tune in to find out! Here we goooooaw!

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 16.14.54.png

The Raveward

Saturdays at 8 PM

A Journey to absolute euphoria!

2 hours of the highest quality trance and techno. expertly mixed by the mighty Raveward.

Matthew has been a volunteer for the project for several years and is also an accomplished musical who uses his skills to help others.

Recently Matthew was commissioned to write a piece about the environment called Flux by the Glasgow Barons.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 09.09.33.png

Mad Angle Radio Show

Mondays at 8 PM

Turn on and tune in for 2 hours of mayhem and madness but above all else, the very best music from the 70s and 80s through to the 90s.

Covering a wide range of music from Rock to Pop with a healthy amount of Funk and Soul added to the recipe, throw in some Punk,
New Wave and Indie with some Glam added for good measure and you have a no holds barred show. 

No matter what, you're sure to be transported back in time when music was written and performed from a very golden era indeed. Oh and let's not forget today's unsigned artists as well!


Little Thinker Time

Last Mondays at 2 PM

Little Thinker Time - valuing the power of a personalised playlist for better mental health and emotional well-being.
I am a Singer Songwriter & mental health activist and I love cooking big meals and walking in all kinds of weather. 

I joined SunnyG in 2019 following completing ILA Radio Broadcasting Skills and with support and tremendous encouragement helped to produce Little Thinker Time remotely in 2020.

Passionate about Govan and it being the heart of Glasgow.


Making Recovery Visible

Mondays at 12 PM

From seeking a heat, a cuppa, and a friendly face to bringing you a glimpse of the hidden world of recovery with a peppering of local talent. 

I first came to Sunny G in active addiction. Then I committed to my own recovery and learned about radio production at the station. Now I have a weekly slot bringing you interviews from those in recovery and recovery organisations with a once a month music show promoting local talent. Bringing together two ventures that I hold close to my heart and have featured massively in my recovery. 


Sunny_G_logo (no background).png

Gemma & Douglas

last Sundays at 11 AM

More details coming soon!


The Good Ship Low Vibration

Mondays at 10 PM

Straight outta Bolonia like a Loose Cannon, Anderson takes the Wheel and Shelms the Helm of The Good Ship Low Vibration on your favourite Station.

Little or no information about Anderson is available or pertinent, a latter day Sydney Devine mayhaps?
As of the Good Ship, rumoured to hail from the lost city of Atlantis, first reappearance witnessed by The Party Of Nothingness due North of the Golden Horn, Cape Caverna de la Luna, triangulated West By Southwest.

(all information attributed to the Discordians, after their Victory over the Nothingarians)


Community Arts Show

Thursdays at 2 PM

An inclusive show which brings  you the best of what's on in the community for arts & culture & entertainment in the Greater Govan and Glasgow area. Playing local Glasgow music and throwback classics too!

Anne Hughes Photo_edited.jpg

Ignite The Radio Show

Returning soon!

Anne interviews guests who have weathered the storms, created something amazing or are making a difference in the world. Conversations are inspiring, funny and heart wrenching at the same time. 

With 'Ignite the Radio Show’ Anne aims to inspire listeners to get through the day, get through the tough times and trust that better days are ahead.
Previous guests have included Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousef,  Karen Dunbar, and many more.


Sunny G Reggae Show

Tuesdays at 9 PM

Sunny G Reggae Show has been part of the fabric here at Sunny G from day one and the show takes over the airwaves every Tuesday night with the latest reggae music from around the world.

This year our presenter Hectorrr celebrates over a decade at the controls so keep it locked on to find out more about the exciting collaborations with Jamaica we got planned to celebrate a decade of reggae on your number one station that rules the nation.


Sunny G Classics

Returning soon!

Sunny G Classics broadcasts classical music and local voices in Govan. An eclectic mix of musical styles hosted by Paul MacAlindin, Artistic Director of The Glasgow Barons, this programme comes straight from the heart of the community, to the heart of the community.

Gordon 1.JPG

The Eclectic Mix

Wednesdays at 12 PM

Gordon Anderson is a self confessed "musical anorak" with array of stories, trivia and information about the music he plays on Sunny G radio. He has an eclectic taste in music that covers all sorts of musical genres such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, heavy metal, progressive, classical and everything else.

Gordon has often said that there are only two types of music: music that you like and music that you don't like.


Creative Distortion

Saturdays at 6 PM

Alasdair will be playing indie tunes from the 60s right up to date. From The Velvet Underground to The Clash to The Smiths to The Fall to Oasis, an endless list right up to new bands breaking through. We'll look back at legendary gigs, look forward to upcoming gigs and news from the indie world with the occasional guests. 
We'd love you to contact the show with requests and stories.



House Dimensions

Thursdays at 8 PM

House Dimensions is Phil B and Mike HD, “two auld guys” playing the widest range of underground house and electronica this side of anywhere.

Over the years, every Thursday evening between 8 and 10 live on Sunny G, Mike HD and Phil B have taken Sunny listeners to the outer fringes of house music,  Each week Phil and Mike work hard to bring you sounds that will take you to new dimensions of house. Listen out for special features such as, “Chill with Phil”, “the A to Z of House” and “HD Jury”.

Chris Flockhart.png


Returning soon!

Chris Flockhart has been a volunteer at Sunny G for a number of years now. His show ‘Insight’ focuses on new local musical content of all genres & you can expect to hear news about upcoming local community events & gigs. Also playing a wide variety of hits ranging from Dave Brubeck to David Bowie.

Maritza & Steven 06 Apr 2022.jpg

Chatting Through The Chaos

returning soon!

Maritza comes back to Sunny G after a 12 year break and is joined by co-host Steven Burns for their wellbeing show Chatting Through The Chaos.

Hear interviews from  experts in personal development, physical and mental health and everyday inspirational people with stories to tell. The show is educational, informative and aims to raise the profile of mental health issues. When Maritza is not in her day job with the NHS she really enjoys presenting radio shows having started out in hospital radio in the late nineties presenting at Ayr Hospital and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.



Thursdays at 1 PM

Govan's own bringing you modern and classic tunes plus recipies to get your mouth watering.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 16.00.43.png



Geoff Whittam is a Professor in the Glasgow School of Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University. He has hosted ‘Tinderbox- providing a spark within the Community’, a monthly broadcast focussing on topical issues from local activism through to issues of international importance, for over ten years. Geoff is also on the Management Committee of Sunny G Community Radio.

Deejay, Ash & Nathan 4 Mar 2022.jpg

The Super Gaming Hour

Fridays at 1 PM

Hey, we’re Ash & Nathan, here to bring you gaming, anime and all things nerdy! Tune in from 1pm to 2pm every Friday to hear from a Furry & an avid gamer who both talk too much! 

Soundtrack Show logo_edited.jpg

Soundtrack Show

Coming Soon

Mark Bishop will be returning with another series of his successful Soundtrack Show featuring TV Themes, film tracks and songs from well known Walt Disney animated films.


Mark is currently recovering at home from 2 surgical operations which happened in 2021. The first was in May 2021 in which 1/3 of his small bowel was removed and a temporary stoma created. The small bowel was badly affected by his Crohn’s Disease.  The stoma was later reversed in the second operation in November 2021. Mark is now doing well in his recovery.

Suzie 08 Mar 2022_edited.jpg

Radio Creamcheese

returning soon!

Take an hour out of your week and join Suzy in her quest to have you laugh at least once and maybe a little hyper dancing while no one is looking. Her patter is mince but it's for sure Aberdeen Angus mince! You won't hear Suzy play rubbish tunes. Never an hour wasted when you turn in so turn on and get yer funk lights on!


Express Yourself

First Tuesdays at 7 PM

Express Yourself on the Radio is a  poetry show aired every Thursday night at 7pm on Sunny G. Express Yourself is the brainchild of Carla Woodburn and sponsored by The Scots Language Centre. Each week Express Yourself showcases poetry from everyone for everyone. Poems are sent in from our listeners and played on the show and interviews are also carried out with poets from all round the world. 
Express Yourself is inclusive of everyone and promotes the Scots language, and international poems alike.

If you would like to get in touch with Carla or take part in the show the email address is:

Tommy 30 June 2022_edited.jpg

Red King

returning soon!

More details coming soon!

Marc 10 Jan 2023_edited.jpg

Fun & Relaxing Musical Moments

Tuesdays 12 PM

Hi I'm Marc! I am a volunteer here at sunny G Radio and I do a show every Tuesday at 12 that is a runtime of more or less an hour. I play music that I like and I find listening to at random moments and some are requested songs. I like alot of music but I like rock a little more than most. If you like rock, Pop or music that is relaxing in more ways than one, then this show is for you. And if my shows don't have any music you like, then I'm sure to play something of interest to you or you can send it to Sunny G as a request and it may be played on radio. Thank you and if there isn't anything here you like then don't worry! I'm sure it'll come up soon. Remember there's something for everyone to enjoy and music can bring people together no matter the type! Enjoy some good music from me or requested by you so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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